A Brief History of the Kiwi Cup

A brief account of St Andrew's School Rugby leading to THE KIWI and THE JIM WEIR CUPS.

By Yee Teck Peng



DYK 13th Anniversary

The Saints "Do You Know?" newsletter was initiated by Mr Yee Teck Peng on 12th December 1998 by email and fax. The months of December 1998 and January 1999 would see him publish ten issues, circulated by email and fax. These are reproduced below for your reading pleasure.



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The St. Andrew's Family has a very special announcement list called "Saints Do You Know?" Authored by old boy Yee Teck Peng, this veteran recalls the school's heritage, points out alumni in the news and shares urgent news.



Saints Abroad (UK)

Saints Abroad (UK) is a newly established initiative in April 2013 by the 2011 graduates. It is an alumni base for ex-Saints who are currently studying in the United Kingdom (UK). Saints Abroad (UK) is also a support group that aims to foster closer ties between ex-Saints in the UK.