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St Andrew's Alumni, formed in 1921, is the alumni for all former students of
St Andrew's School and St Andrew's Junior College in Singapore.


Updated on 27 November 2021

SAA AGM Elections Results

Dear SAA members


Please see the results (Link) of the Management Committee (MC) election conducted between 11 am  to 1 pm on 27 Nov 2021. 


We would like to thank all members for participating in the AGM and the electronic balloting.

Thomas Tham

Observer of the SAA MC Election Process

Updated on 10 November 2021

SAA AGM 2021


Dear SAA members,


The Nominations for election to the St Andrew’s Alumni (SAA) Management Committee has since closed at 12 pm, 8th Nov 2021, Monday. The results of the nomination are set out in the table below.

2.         The following 4 positions will be contested

  • President (2 candidates)

  • 1st Vice-President (2 candidates)

  • Honorary Secretary (2 candidates)

  • Honorary Treasurer (2 candidates)


3.         The remaining 8 positions are uncontested and these Members will constitute part of the new Management Committee.  Our congratulations to all.


4.         In order to be eligible to vote, Members are reminded to register via the following link: SAA AGM 2021 RSVP for the AGM by 15 Nov 2021.


5.         An electronic balloting notice (with instructions) will be sent to your registered email address by 20th Nov 2021. Please check your spam folder if you have not received the balloting notice by 20th Nov 2021. If you encounter any issues in relation to the balloting notice, please email us at by 23rd Nov 2021 for assistance.


Yours sincerely


Gue Kit Wan

Honorary Secretary

For and on behalf of the Management Committee of SAA


a) Notice of Nomination 


Updated on 1 November 2021

SAA AGM 2021

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Article 25 of the St Andrew’s Alumni Constitution, that the 87th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the St Andrew’s Alumni (SAA) will be held at 10 am, on Saturday, 27 November 2021.


For health and safety reasons, the 87th AGM will be held through a virtual meeting (instead in person) in accordance with the relevant order under Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, which sets out alternative arrangement for registered societies in Singapore to conduct general meetings by electronic means.


Please pre-register your attendance by 15 Nov 2021, 12 pm through the following link: SAA AGM 2021 RSVP


The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Address by President, SAA

  2. Presentation by Mr Adrian Ang, President, Saints Rugby Football Club (SRFC)

  3. Report from St Andrew’s Village by the respective school representatives

  4. To confirm the minutes of the 86th Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020, 5pm.

  5. Matters arising from the aforesaid Minutes.

  6. To receive and, if approved, adopt the Audited Statement of Accounts.

  7. To receive and, if approved, adopt the President’s Report for the year 2020/2021.

  8. To appoint an auditor for the year 2022/2023.

  9. Any other business of which notice shall have been given in writing at least 7 days prior to AGM.

  10. Election of Office-bearers for Management Committee (MC) 2022/2023


a) Notice of AGM 2021


b) Nomination form 



Updated on 9 September 2021

St Andrew's : A Never Ending Story


The book, 'St Andrew's : A Never-Ending Story…', written by Goh Chong Chia is now available!

It is a historical and commemorative book that searches the rediscovery of one's roots, discovering oneself and defining one's place in the St Andrew's family. Get your copy now! Available in paperback (S$38) and hard cover (S$50). Place your orders here at

Updated on 7 September 2021

St Andrew's : A Never Ending Story. Book Launch


Join us for the 'live' stream of the official launch 'St Andrew's : A Never Ending Story' on our school's 159th Founder's Day on Wednesday, 8 Sept 2021 at 11am. The author of the book Dr Goh Chong Chia will share some interesting insights on this milestone publication and we will have a few distinguished guests joining us for the launch. Do join us on Facebook for all Saints to commemorate our Founder's Day and witness this wonderful book launch! 











Updated on 7 September 2020
St Andrew's Alumni Business Support Group


Dear Saints, 

As a way to support businesses run by Saints during the COVID-19 period, the SAA has compiled this list on our website here by industry. Let's extend our fullest support to our fellow Saints during this challenging time! One Family Unbroken! 

Up and On!

SAA Management & SAA Business Support Sub-Committee








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“A Gift from The Heart for Easter “

SAA’s Annual Easter Project 2019

We are appealing for your help with our Easter Gifts for our less privileged students in the St Andrew’s family. Each year, St Andrew’s has about 300+ students (from the Junior, Secondary Schools & Junior College) who receive financial assistance through the Ministry of Education’s financial assistance scheme (FAS).

St Andrew’s Alumni helps out by distributing book/stationery vouchers to these students during the Easter week. The students have found the Vouchers useful as they are used to supplement their purchases of essential stationery and books.

We are grateful for your participation in the previous years and urge you to continue helping our Saints in need. 

We are appealing for a minimum $50/- donation from participants to help us achieve our target of $30,000/- for this year. Any surplus amount collected will be carried over to the next year’s distribution, as is the norm. As this is an SAA effort, no receipts will be issued. Your donation will be acknowledged on a special column on this website.

Please click here to fill your donation details here.

The Appeal is open now till 20th April 2019.

Should you wish to share your blessings & contribute larger sums so we may sustain the program for a longer term you may contact Delia at for assistance.

Many thanks for your kindness & generosity.

Ronnie Chen

President, St Andrew’s Alumni


We are grateful for the participation of the following in this 2019 effort:


Victor Wee

Beatrice Bay Mui Eng

Phua Huat Lee

Charles Hee

Ronnie Chen

Chloe Chen

Ria Chen

Cheryl Ong

Adrian Ang

Edwin Ang

Chang Chee Wah

Jason Lie

Wee Wah Meng

Eric Neo

Goh Chye Lee          

Jimmie Lee

Vivian Goh Siew Fang

Ronald Loke Wai Wah  

Lee Berlin

Clifford Tan

Jake Wong

Juliana Nguan

Victor Lam

Cathleen Cheng

Jacqueline Oehlers

Ko Wei En Wayne

Peter & Kimberly Walker

Angie Teo

Lim Yang Cherng

Chow Yeeshing Colin

Thomas Tham

Leow Kim Swun

Khoo Phaik Lian, Susan

Tan Eu Gin

Tan Boon Thye

Colin Lim

Chow Kwong Onn

Kit & Josh

Wong Ban Suan

Desmond Tan

Kek Sin Shen Steve

Paul Sandosham

Jeffrey Low

Jaye Wong

Ronald Liong

Paul Koh

Sharene Foo Phang Khim

Julius Tan

Chun Wen Kong

Eric Tan Yong Hong

Justin Chan

Paul Lim

Eric Goh Hock Lye

Royston Toh

Melanie Lim

Kenneth WC Lai

Wong Wing Kong and Tan Siewly

Johnny Yeo Eng Pheow

Arvind Raj

Yee Yang Shane

Soh Kim Seng

Toh Beng Guan

Leong Hon Mun Peter

Leow Chiap Seng

David Ng

Keith Chang

Arbind Tiwari

Arthur Lim

Chang Chee Wah

Timothy Kee

Seb Williams


Geok Khim Ng

Sara Tlan

Malcolm Lim

David Clarke

Thomas Lee

Derek Tan

Wong Hong Meng

Jenny Chow

Lasime Kumari

Victoria Ong

Chew Mong Fei

Tan Bock Ho Steven

Cheng Chiak Leng

Andrew Lee

Wong Chor Hoong

Colin Pereira

Eugene Quek

Chow Yee Lee

Sundaraj Balakrishnan

Mohan Kumar Joseph

Anita Wong


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